20 Reasons to Eliminate NCLB
Jim Horn, Schools Matter, April 5, 2006
Today is already August 7, 2009--no wonder many of us are despaired!
Okay, High-Stakes Testing is Bad...But What Else is There?
Dan Brown, Get in the FRACAS Blog, 7/31/09
Beware of the Standards, Not Just the Tests
By Alfie Kohn, EDUCATION WEEK, September 26, 2001
Eggs or Eggheads: Which does the U.S. Economy Really Need?
"What, for instance, is the narrative of children in our society? -- At present, it seems, children are put on an assembly line, quite early in their lives, and 'managed' toward economic goals of production and income. Their performance will be 'tested' regularly along the way as the measurable 'output' of the education system."

Quote by William Greider, a nationally renowned reporter and PBS documentarian.   Article by Michael T. Marton, Research Analyst for the Arizona School Boards Association. This article ran in their 2009 Winter Journal.
Dear Parents: What happens in the testing room?
by Heather Wolpert-Gawron, July 24, 2009, tweenteacher.com
Susan Ohanian's Delicious and Devastating Sandwich Board Vigil
Susan Ohanian, www.StopNationalStandards.org, July 20th. 2009
"Susan Ohanian wore this sandwich board in the 4th of July parade in Warren, VT and continues to display it in a solitary vigil on Fridays in the popular Church Street Marketplace in Burlington."

www.StopNationalStandards.org Debuts
Creator and Developer, Susan Ohanian, July 20th, 2009

"We are a community of people who have come together to fight against the imposition of National Standards. We wage this fight because we know that when all children must learn the same thing, many don't learn much. And we know that when children are forced to Race to the Top of a pile of standards, many fall along the way."


The Bubble Over Network
"It's time for bubble tests to be over. Instead, education must bubble over with the strengths, interests, and personality of each student. Learning must bubble over with life. Please become a part of this network working to create an education that focuses on students as people not numbers."  Wade Tillett
The Looonnger School Year!

 A heinous indictment of a grand and simplistic 100 MILLION DOLLAR bureaucratic scheme foisted upon children, teachers and parents!


FACT CHECK: Are US students really that bad?
By Libby Quaid, AP Education Writer, May 13, 2009
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