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Two Learner's Bill of Rights (Kirsten Olson's and John Harris Loflin's)
KIRSTEN OLSON'S "A Learner's Bill of Rights" from her landmark book, Wounded by School: Recapturing the Joy in Learning and Standing Up to Old School Culture (Teachers College Press, 2009)

JOHN HARRIS LOFLIN'S "A Learner's Bill of Rights," Get Up Stand Up youtube video


Linda Darling-Hammond--Hopefully Our Next U.S. Secretary of Education!!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Please take 4 minutes and 33 seconds to view the ASCD (The Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development) Whole Child video and you will understand why Professor Linda Darling-Hammond will hopefully be appointed as the U. S. Secretary of Education by President-Elect Barack Obama.

Linda is not only a brilliant educator, scholar, practitioner and communicator but she is, just as importantly, a loving, caring person and teacher of teachers who places youngsters and teachers first as she advances towards the national goal of providing quality education for all of America's youth.


The Fundamental Principle: No Unnecessary Testing (NUT)
by Stephen Krashen
No Unnecessary Testing (NUT) is the principle
that school should include only those tests and
parts of tests that are necessary, that
contribute to essential evaluation and
learning. Every minute testing and doing “test
preparation” (activities to boost scores on
tests that do not involve genuine learning) is
stolen from students’ lives, in addition to
costing money that we cannot afford these days,
with serious budget problems in American