Breaking the Barrier of Distrust

Our school developed a reputation in the 1970s and 1980s as a school where teachers truly listened to parents and parents reciprocated—where the level of trust spiraled upwards and developed its own momentum.

It wasn’t always that way!

RANDOM THOUGHTS: on Educational Reform

Teaching may be one's chosen profession but it is by no means an easy one! Supporting our teachers is imperative so they are able to do their very best for our kids. They need our encouragement, better working conditions and opportunities to develop themselves into the best they can be in their chosen profession.

Only then will ongoing Educational Improvement become more than jargon!

Slowly/Slowly: A Gift of Time

What does the SLOWLY/SLOWLY mode have to do with schooling?  Reflecting upon my 45+ years working with youngsters, I recognize now, more than ever before, that SLOWLY/SLOWLY is not only my mode of operation but a normal mode of operation for many more kids than we may have recognized.

5 Ed Wallwishers Shared on Twitter: Add Your Ideas!
Read and share your ideas on these 5 educational Wallwishers which first appeared at Thanks2Teachers on Twitter in September/October 2010
18 Tweets on Ed Matters That Matter 2 Me

I began sharing my educational point of view on a variety of educational issues via Twitter in October 2009.  Thanks to those educators whose thoughtful contributions I've included amongs these 18 tweets.

For the past 45 years I've been passionate about seeking ways to provide quality education for every child. My point of view hopefully reflects my 10,000+ hours of experience as a teacher and principal (40, 000 would be more accurate).

by Richard Lakin
Jerusalem, Israel
August 22, 2010

Teachers: You'll Drop Your Chalk When You Read This Touching, Inspirational Letter

Letter by whatedsaid http://bit.ly/bIXxzX     
A Teacher, a Learner, an Inquirer… and now a Blogger.
Edna Sackson, Melbourne, Australia
August 12, 2010

Beyond the Three ‘R’s: The 21st century school is a caring learning community!
By Richard Lakin
Excerpted from
Teaching as an Act of Love:
Thoughts and Recollections of a
Former Teacher, Principal and Kid
Copyright © 2007
Children May Be Likened To:
Poem embedded in Jerusalem
artist/teacher Patty Margolin-Flamm's
exquisite 1978 silkscreen which hung
in The Learning Alternative for18 years
and today hangs in my office.

           (Author Unknown)
“Who Owns the School, Anyway?”
Excerpted from Teaching as an Act of Love: Thoughts and Recollections of a Former Teacher, Principal and Kid  © 2007 by Richard Lakin
Children Learn What They Live
by Dorothy Law Nolte
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