The World of Kids

A Letter From E.B. White
Charlotte’s Web is one of my favorite books and a children’s classic. A dear friend of mine, Leah Stoller, who taught 5th graders at P. S. 11 in The Bronx in the 1950s received a very special handwritten response to her class’s questions to the author, in the days prior to mass printed responses or instant internet communications.

I am most grateful to her for allowing me to share her treasured correspondence from E.B. White.

Notes to Savor Till Today
Various notes from parents and students
Save the Seals
 I saved a copy of Beth’s and Jeremy’s neighborhood and school wide petition to protest the killing of baby harp seals because I was so very moved by the concern and seriousness of these two articulate youngsters who were learning to express their strong feelings and opinions in such a constructive way.

While their letter is undated and the children’s nature magazine from which their idea of a letter of protest sprung is unnamed, I’m certain that their teacher, Lois C., added the right dash of encouragement to this endeavor with her soft, sensitive, and positive manner.