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More Principal's Principles
Richard Lakin
June 29, 2011
A Principal's Principles
Richard Lakin
August 7, 2010
Progressive Education: Why It's Hard to Beat, But Also Hard to Find
by Alfie Kohn, Spring 2008
Reading this powerful article by Alfie Kohn in August 2009, made me realize how the  focus during this past decade on No Child Left Behind, high-stakes testing and now the emergence of National Standards has substantially diverted the dialogue away from the critical issue of what kind of schools we really want for our children. Hope the following article will inspire us not to be side tracked by the number crunchers and Edu-Babblers.

The Partnership for 19th Century Skills
"I for one have heard quite enough about the 21st century skills that are sweeping the nation." 
Diane Ravitch, Common Core Trustee, July 6, 2009 contribution to Common Core blog 
My List Of Ten
The ideas in these 10 books were critical in the development of my thinking as an educator and parent.
Can Schools Grow Persons?
Carl R. Rogers