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A Thank You Note to My Grandkids' Teacher (#1)
Dear Mrs. Briggs,

Thought you'd enjoy hearing what transpired around our Thanksgiving table this year.

We have a Turkey March before eating our Thanksgiving dinner—a joyous family tradition started by my favorite Aunt Lib more than 70 years ago.

Well, this year, when the marching and singing around the table ended, one of our twin 9 year old grandkids in your class said that all of us should share what we're thankful for this year, just as they did with you before leaving for the holiday.

Almost instantaneously, her brother chimed in, "I'm thankful for Mrs. Briggs. Her smiles and hugs are scrumptious."

Hope you had a great holiday and thanks for making my grandkids' school year so thoughtful and loving.  

With much appreciation,

Sarah's and Tim's Granddad,