The World of Parents

A Note to Our Grandkids' Teacher (#2)
December 4, 2010

Hello again, Mrs. Briggs,

Glad to hear that you enjoyed reading my Thanksgiving note. It gave me much pleasure to write it as well. It sounds like you had a very busy Thanksgiving.

I guess by now our twins have told you that their granddad and grandma were teachers and administrators in CT decades ago. That was in the 1900s long before there were "helicopter" parents such as the one you mentioned who'd consumed an inordinate amount of your time as you were preparing to fly to upstate New York for the holiday. 

You should know how very delighted we were that you included grandparents at your September Open House. We wholeheartedly agree with your perspective that education is a family affair and that the contributions of parents (and grandparents) cannot be underestimated—that teachers and parents must work together in partnership.

When you explained your homework policy at the Open House, we knew you were born to teach. While a few parents were initially upset, you listened carefully but held your ground. We loved how you explained that 9 year olds are not CEOs, that they should play outside after school, climb trees, run about, get involved in individual and/or team sports, pursue their hobbies and most definitely continue to read/read/read under their blankets with a flashlight until they fall asleep.

It's certainly refreshing to come to school meetings where the principal and the teachers put children, not tests, first.

Christmas and the winter break will soon be here. Good luck with the Skyping project with other classrooms in the Americas, learning about various holiday customs. Not only are the twins very excited about this wonderful experience but so are their parents and grandparents who appreciate all your efforts to bring the outside world into the classroom.

Have a relaxing winter break,

Richard and Karen,
(Sarah's and Tim's Grandparents)