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Building Strong Relationships With Parents and Strengthening Students' Chances for Academic Success
Looking for resources for your students' families? Point them to our School Involvement guide, written for parents who want to be more active in their child's education. Discover more creative and effective ideas on how to stay connected to parents and motivate them to become more involved in the classroom in the articles below, and in our Teacher Advisors' parent communication strategies.


Teacher Tips for Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences
Instructor Magazine | Seasoned teachers share their secrets on how to prepare for parent-teacher conferences. Suggestions focus on how to present strengths and weaknesses of students thoughtfully.

10, 9, 8…Countdown to Open School Night
Instructor Magazine | Is open school night fast approaching? Here are 44 tips, activity ideas, and last-minute reminders to guarantee a great back-to-school celebration.

Top 5 Ideas for Open House
Winning Ideas | Great open house ideas for new teachers. First year teachers, see how an open house night can provide opportunities for teachers to gain parents' support.

Planning for Parent Conferences
Tips on planning for parent-teacher conferences, including sample forms, suggestions for the conference setting arrangement, and advice on conducting the conference itself.

Policies & Practices: Family Communications - Ideas That Really Work
by Kimberly B. Moore PhD
Early Childhood Today | October ,2002
During this time of parent conferences and open houses, teachers need to keep in mind that communication must happen all year long. To open lines of communication with parents, relationships must be respectful, reciprocal, inclusive, thoughtful, and pl

Policies & Practices: Successful Parent Conferences
by Sara Wilford
Early Childhood Today | January ,2004
Wilford discusses the wide variety of approaches to conferencing with parents that can be seen in early childhood centers and schools.

Speaking Their Language
by Betsy Lindeman
Instructor Magazine | Follow these simple steps for communicating with parents whose first language is not English, so that you can encourage families to support student learning outside the classroom.

Tough Talks: When Parents Won't Get Involved
by Charlotte Politis
Early Childhood Today | January ,2004
Politis presents several suggestions-things to consider for parents who choose not to be involved in school activities. She stresses to keep in mind the importance of respecting parents choices, while continuing to provide opportunities for them to b

Let Your Students Take the Lead
by Linda Picciotto
Instructor Magazine | Learn the benefits of student-lead conferences. When students take the lead, parents and teachers alike gain insight about the child's learning.

Teaching Tip: Newsletters Made Easy
by Genia Connell
Here are step-by-step instructions on how to create and use a newsletter template to keep in touch with 25-30 different households.

Parent Conferences: Take-Home
Made a board that you can use to organize take-home notes and track progress towards students' goals.

We're All Welcome Here
by Judy Molland
Instructor Magazine | A wealth of teacher-tested ideas for drawing all families into the school community.

Respect for Parents
by Sharon Maroney
Instructor Magazine | A special education teacher stresses the importance of positive communication with parents and caregivers of special needs children facing difficulties in school. These suggestions will help you meet the challenges of maintaining communication, empathy

Top 5 Ways to Use Parent Volunteers!
Winning Ideas | See strategies that work such as deputizing a class mom and hosting monthly family nights.

Teaching Tip: Creative Communication with Caregivers
by Jennifer Chandler
Appear more approachable and encourage parents to contact you by adopting these eight tips.

Teaching Tip: Quick and Easy Parent Communication
by Elizabeth Ramos
A teacher reveals the convenience and benefits of communicating with parents via postcards.